Delphinus Pool


Delphinus Pool is a Proof-of-Stake Pool for Ada (Cardano) focused on Security, High Availability and the Betterment of Ada. We plan to be operational with the start of Cardano's open Ouroboros delegation.


Our highest priority is security. The Ouroboro delegation system makes this much easier as Ada is never deposited. However, security and privacy are still critical, and will be protected at all costs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the best security practices are followed, and that our services remain uninterrupted.

High Availability

The staking nodes will have high availability servers and redundancies in place. This is to ensure your rate of return for staking is as high as possible.

Betterment of Ada

We are focused on a total ROI for Ada. We will take a percentage of the pool fees and reinvest into the Ada community through bounties and grants. We plan to support Ada's growth and expansion and will seek feedback from peers for ideas.

*This is not an official Cardano SL page.